Our corporate values - the basis for successful cooperation

Our approach is....:

  1. Cooperative: We work together in teams because we know that teams – including those that span business divisions – can deliver faster and better results than employees working alone.

  2. Willing to perform: We require the highest performance of ourselves and our employees, encourage personal development, initiative and an awareness of responsibility among our employees and build on their strengths in doing so. Every employee takes responsibility for his or her own performance as an “entrepreneur in the enterprise”.

  3. Innovative: We work hard to offer our customers the best solutions to their problems with our products and services and therefore valuable advantages.

  4. Respectful: We respect our employees. We deal with one another openly, honestly and fairly and of course we respect the law. We also work with external partners, such as our suppliers, in a fair and honest way to create a partnership and a successful business relationship for both partners over the long term. This is the basis for our success.

  5. Sustainable and responsible: We are a medium-sized family-run company with over a hundred years of tradition, regional roots and a track record of social commitment. At the same time we operate internationally. We are proud of the respect in society that we have gained both regionally and internationally and see it as an obligation and responsibility for the future. All our employees also conduct themselves in a way that enhances the positive reputation of the company.
How to reach us

Freese AG
Carl-Benz-Straße 29 
28237 Bremen, GERMANY 
Phone: +49 421 / 39 608-0 
Fax: +49 421 / 39 608-550
E-Mail: contact@gtf-freese.com