RCCL - Spectrum of the Seas - Crusader with hybrid scrubber for emission control

In Q2 2019, the vessel “Spectrum of the Seas” was completed at the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg. The shipping company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. got its fourth vessel of the series “Quantum-class” which has as a further development a hybrid-scrubber for emission control.

“Spectrum of the Seas” is 347 m long, 41,7 m wide, has 169,000 GT and offers a sleeping capacity for more than 4,200 guests in 2,137 cabins.

Also this time our team were involved and were allowed to install our ship deck coverings for the Meyer shipyard - as well as various outfitting companies with further 18 individual orders.

During the construction phase more than 120,000 m² of our ship deck coverings on basis of different requirements were installed in various areas (suites, cabins, theaters, restaurants, bars, lounges, kitchens and cold storage rooms…).
Among others, following high quality GTF products were installed:

5,500 m² TEFROTEX® 60-L + TEFROKA® PU-1-L – Galley construction
40,000 m² TEFROTEX® 90-L - Self-leveling lightweight deck covering – Cabins
15,000 m² TEFROTEX® 90-L - Self-leveling lightweight deck covering – Public areas
1,000 m² TEFROTEX VISCOELASTIC® - Sound damping layer – forklift corridor
1,000 m² TEFROTEX® 500P + TEFROTEX® 90-L – High thermal insulation flooring
250 m² TEFROLITH® FTG-35 A60 - Insulating Floor – Exit areas

The maiden voyage goes in the direction of Asia and we at G. Theodor Freese GmbH wish all guests an enjoyable time on board and memorable views from the 90 m high glass observation gondola.

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