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The Freese Group: Ship deck coverings, flooring technology, corrosion protection and automation

We work in the fields of ship deck coverings, flooring technology, corrosion protection and automation. We are a specialist in these fields and our ambition is to always occupy a leading market position. Our range of services encompasses ship deck coverings, industrial flooring, coatings, design floors, terrazzo, corrosion protection and powder coatings, as well as solutions for digitisation and automation of business processes.

Freese AG is the management holding company for the operational businesses. Responsible, performance-oriented working practices, clear communication and teamwork are the values that guide us in creating a corporate climate that facilitates innovation. Without innovation, in other words without ongoing adaptation of our products, services and structures to the demands of our customers, our success would not be possible.


We have a history going back over one hundred years and plenty of experience. The history of GTF is marked by spectacular projects in shipbuilding and industrial and commercial construction.

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You will find information about the companies in the Freese Group here.

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We are looking for suppliers who deliver consistent quality and are interested in a business relationship with a successful medium-sized enterprise

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Corporate Values

Our corporate values - the basis for successful cooperation Our approach is....: *Cooperative:* We work together in teams because we know that teams – including those that span business divisions – can deliver faster and better results than employees working alone. *Willing to perform:* We require the highest performance of ourselves and...

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How to reach us

Freese AG
Carl-Benz-Straße 29 
28237 Bremen, GERMANY 
Fon +49 421 39 608-0 
Fax +49 421 39 608-550
E-Mail: contact@gtf-freese.com