TEFROteak® deck coverings for adventure-cruise ship TRUE NORTH

The popular adventure-cruise ship TRUE NORTH is taken out of the water for overhaul every year in February in the port city of Fremantle in Australia. This year's annual refit was much more extensive. Some improvements had to be made in the front area of the ship to further enhance the comfort and experience for the guests and to be able to use these areas more intensively during their stay on board.

The forward sundeck and outdoor bar areas of the ship have been significantly remodeled for a more pleasant stay and made more user-friendly.The newly arranged sundeck benefits from improved and additional seating, new tabletops and daybeds, atmospheric lighting and elegant TEFROteak® decking.

The outdoor bar area received new table arrangements, additional lighting and also decks made of TEFROteak®, as well used for the outside stairs. Additional soundproofing in the ship‘s lounge and the complete repainting of the ship's exterior round off the annual refit.

At TRUE NORTH, our partners of the Echo Marine Group processed the products TEFROteak® design "Teak" and TEFROteak® design "Maple" on the outside decks and stairs. The incorporation of the TRUE NORTH logo as well as the successful processing of the material on permanently installed components should be emphasized.

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