Emicode award
TEFROTEX® 90-L deck covering is classed as very low in emissions
TEFROTEX® 90-L deck covering developed by GTF was awarded the EMICODE Seal EC1Plus by GEV.

TEFROTEX® 90-L deck covering with EC1 Plus certificate classed as very low in emissions

The GEV = Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation, Adhesives and Building Materials e.V. has classed TEFROTEX® 90-L as very low in emissions and since 10.01.2019 it is allowed to bear the EMICODE seal EC1Plus.

TEFROTEX® 90-L developed by G. Theodor Freese GmbH is a self-levelling, light weight deck covering for levelling inside decks on ships and offshore units worldwide. The product characterizes by its very low weight, high strength, excellent levelling properties, smooth surface and easy application.

EMICODE is a competitively neutral protected product classification system and ECO label which classifies and certifies products for flooring installation, adhesives and building materials according to DIN EN ISO 16000-1 as well as CEN/TS 16516 and ISO/TC 146 “air quality” in respect of emissions.

Only products which fulfil the strict emission limits may be marked with the EMICODE seal. The EMICODE seal EC1Puls is premium class that describes the limit of what's technically feasible.

In shipbuilding “green shipping” - the slogan for environmental protection - is more and more important. It is worked on technical solutions which should allow the passage through the ocean mostly low in emissions and CO2. This means not only reduction of emissions from fuels but also from materials for wall and floor, paints, adhesives and sealing systems by volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air. The wording “low in emissions” is neither standardized nor defined, so EMICODE offers a binding base to chose building products.

As manufacturer we commit ourselves to produce TEFROTEX® 90-L deck covering quality assured and controlled in order to comply with EMICODE specifications at any time.

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