TEFROKA® PU-1-L on board the MSC Seaside

In 2018 we were able to win over MSC Cruises as a new customer. Although the MSC Seaside was only recently handed over to the shipping company by the Fincantieri shipyard, there was nevertheless a prompt need for a new floor in the embarkation areas. These were carpeted at the shipyard, not the best solution for a crowded area due to heavy crew and passenger traffic.                                                                                                                                 

In a meeting in the shipping company's London office, MSC quickly became interested in our TEFROKA® PU-1-L system. Within short time, a design for the new floor was set and about 3 months later we were on board for installation.

After we removed the carpet in collaboration with the crew, the actual works began. Our TEFROKA® PU-1-L once again proved to be the perfect solution, both for the approx. 15 mm thick deck levelling as well as for the final coating. Despite heavy sea conditions, short time windows and a lot of traffic by crew and passengers, 2 areas of approx. 100 m² each were completed within a week.

The TEFROKA® coating is characterized by high abrasion resistance, very good slip resistance, low weight and high flexibility.

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