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In our Technology division, we develop technical solutions, for example for automation and to boost productivity in the aerospace industry and for robot technology for milling and sanding in superyacht construction.

In addition, we are able to provide you with the solution of our holding company Bitplaces for mobile process automation and mobile targeted marketing: Bitplaces combines geofencing and location-based services (LBS) with an innovative cloud platform. Bitplaces offers technical solutions for mobile location-based services, including for differentiated customer appeal and analysis of customer behaviour. The Bitplaces solution offers the customer the possibility of interacting with mobile app users based on their location and analysing the behaviour of the app users.

Automation in Aircraft Production

Increase in production capacity through optimised use of available resources

Automation in aircraft production »

Automation in Superyacht Production

Increase in production capacity through use of robots

Automation in Superyacht production »

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