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Perfect Surfaces

Corrosion affects the functionality of components and technical systems. If not prevented in good time, its aggressive effects can lead to expensive repairs. We specialise in protecting steel surfaces against corrosion, whether on ships, in industrial plants or in machines or hydraulic steel structures.

Our specialists are FROSIO Paint Inspectors, hold SCC certificates (Safety Certificate Contractors) or have corresponding qualifications. We will assist you with everything from pre-treatment of metal surfaces (paint removal, grinding, sweeping, SA 1.0-2.5, SB 1.0-2.5, ST 2.0, sand blasting, high-pressure jet cleaning, extreme pressure jet cleaning and dry ice cleaning) through appropriate coating techniques (electrostatic spraying, airless spraying, powder coating, hot coating, thermal coating, thick coating) to the performance of the work. With more than one hundred years of experience in corrosion protection, our experts have experience of coating metal structures according to prescribed specifications and standards. We help you to prevent corrosion.

Maritime Corrosion Protection

Corrosion damages metallic components. Only with optimal surface protection can ships and offshore and hydraulic steel structures remain fit for purpose.

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Industrial Corrosion Protection

Industrial corrosion protection begins with good advice. Our experts help you with everything from choosing the best coating to appropriate coating processes.

Industrial Corrosion Protection »

Powder Coating

Powder coating is becoming increasingly important as an alternative to wet coating, as it offers a range of advantages.

Powder Coating »

Internal pipe coating

Systems that carry fluids – such as pipes – require effective corrosion protection systems to ensure long-term problem-free operation.

Internal Pipe Coating »


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