MSC Bellissima
MSC Bellissima
MSC Bellissima is on trials, on board appr. 96.000 m² marine floorings by Freese


The MSC BELLISSIMA is at the moment under construction at the French shipyard Chantiers de l´Atlantique in Saint Nazaire. In October 2017 the vessel was laid down and already in June 2018 she was put in the water. At the moment the MSC BELLISSIMA is undergoing her first trials.

The cruise vessel entertains 4.500 guests with a length of appr. 315 m and a width of appr. 43 m. After succesfull trials the MSC BELLISSIMA will sail in the middle east before going to China in 2020.

On board for the trials are appr. 6.000 m² TEFROLITH® M, appr. 20.000 m² TEFROTEX® VISCOELASTIC as well as appr. 70.000 m² TEFROTEX® 90-L and TEFROTEX® 60-L, installed by various application companies in France.

Nous souhaitons la BELLISSIMA bon voyage!

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